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a tribute to the music of the Beatles

Unfinished With The Beatles is a Central Coast-based Beatle tribute band formed in 2021 by musicians who were Beatle fans since their youth and whose other bands were idled by the pandemic. The chemistry was good and the band went on to accumulate a large repertoire of Beatle songs with such infectious melodies, beautiful harmonies, and irresistible danceability that the band felt it had to bring its unique show to local stages. Unfinished With The Beatles now has a repertoire of more than 60 Beatle songs and local audiences of all ages are loving the band's shows, a credit of course to The Beatles, regarded as the greatest and most influential band of all time. Each Unfinished With The Beatles performance has energy, enthusiasm, and authenticity, making each audience want to dance and sing along with joy to every song. Imagine the reaction of audiences hearing The Beatles first hits "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "She Loves You" and then the whole audience on their feet singing along to The Beatles biggest hit, "Hey Jude". The Beatles music is magical!

Unfinished With The Beatles is Ed Miller (guitar and vocals), Mark Walters (bass and vocals) and Bill Wolf (drums and vocals). 

Click here for the Unfinished With The Beatles song list and more information. 



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